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Sky Space

Basel, Switzerland - modern architecture

Built with a view of the sky. Captured by bildbaendiger.


Rabat Lighthouse

Morocco Rabat Lighthouse Amine Fassi

Rabat Lighthouse, as captured by Amine Fassi.

Morocco – Rabat – Fort de la Calette Lighthouse

Against the Grain

colorful sunset time lapse multiple shots image

To create this image Matt Molloy combined 119 photos into one image using the lighter layer-blending mode in Photoshop.

From Matt:

I’m not sure why some trees get left in fields, but I like the look. I would think fields for crops would be easier to manage without any trees, but maybe there’s a good reason for it. It makes for an interesting photo, but I doubt that’s the reason for leaving a tree there.

Bombo Boneyard

Bombo Boneyard, Kiama NSW , Australia - Paul Emmings

Paul Emmings captures an amazing shot of the Bombo Boneyard in Kiama, New South Wales, Australia.

End of the day

end of the day - Bobby Joshi - India - shepherd

Bobby Joshi captures a shepherd and his flock in a remote Indian Village returning home at the end of the day.