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Friend Ship

Munich Germany underground colors Joe@Plasmatico

This amazing image by Joe@Plasmatico is stunning in it’s capture of color and life. He has a great eye and continues to come up with truly awesome images of the Munich underground.

From the photographer:

Hello again and welcome to my underground kingdom of Munich.

I am totally over the moon after the latest positive feedback and reactions from all of you. Thank you so much friends.

Ok, the biggest problem for me was how to meet your expectations, a very difficult task indeed.

Not to weary you with my ugly presence I decided to change the person of interest.

So I let work my connections and contacts and could convince Caro and her dog Kleks to pose for my next station shooting.

Both where very patience and brave, the night was pretty cold and the dog was a bit stressed about the trains rushing in and out. After 2 hours I had a few nice captures, and this is maybe the best of the session. Tell you that is very hard telling a dog to hold the pose for half a second °.^

Enjoy your weekend and have some good light.

Models Caro, Kleks and Lotte, the bike.