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San Diego Skyline

San Diego Skyline - Taylor Sanderson

Night shot of the San Diego Skyline by Taylor Sanderson.


City of Arts and Sciences – Valencia, Spain

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

City of Arts and Sciences – Valencia, Spain, taken by Sven Broeckx during sunset.

Lightning over Tampa

Tampa Lightning Strike - Justin Battles

Lightning strike over downtown Tampa, Florida by Justin Battles.

The Valley of Light

Valley of light sunrise snow Norway  Haakon Nygård

Captured by Haakon Nygård, this stunning image captures the early morning light over his hometown of Sunndalsøra in Norway.


MAS - Antwerp

This photo was taken by Ben Huybrechts, is of the MAS museum in Antwerp.

From the photographer:

MAS is new museum in Antwerp, which opened in May 2011. The architecture is based on the stacking of containers, which is inspired by the fact that Antwerp is one of the biggest ports in the world. The museum hosts several exhibitions on the history of Antwerp. The museum is 62 meter high, and has a 360 degree view over the city. The special shape of the glass symbolizes the waves on the sea, and gives the very green-blueish color. I doubted if I should take decrease the saturation of this color, but finally decided to leave it in. When I saw this elderly lady sitting in the chair overlooking the city, the first word which came to mind was “history”