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Memories Of The Last Rain

Memories Of The Last Rain by Meer Sadi


Rabat Lighthouse

Morocco Rabat Lighthouse Amine Fassi

Rabat Lighthouse, as captured by Amine Fassi.

Morocco – Rabat – Fort de la Calette Lighthouse

Pearly Gates to Nirvana

Mount Fuji Japan moon Yuga Kurita

Yuga Kurita captures an amazing image of the moon on top of Mount Fuji.

From Yuga:

In Japan, the moon overlapping with the top of Fuji is called Pearl Fuji (in the case where the sun overlaps with the top of Fuji, the phenomenon is called Diamond Fuji). Pearl Fuji reflected in the water is called Double Pearl Fuji. I went to Asagiri Highland yesterday again to capture Double Pearl Fuji. I’d been there for the three successive days to capture Pearl Fuji this week but to no avail. Finally, I succeeded this time! It was really an awesome moment.

Crazy Train

crazy train night spinning sparks Penaroza desert fire

This fun, explosive image was captured by Rusty Sessions.

Mid Flight

exposed mallard duck waterfowl fowl reeds

Photographer Kris Tate captured this image of a mallard escaping his hiding place in the reeds.