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Casas de Amsterdam

Amsterdam homes canal water reflection

Benjamin Pedrosa captures an beautiful image of homes in Amsterdam, along with their reflection in the canal.


Elliptical stairs

Elliptical stairs
© Harry Lieber

Mountain Cottage

mountain cottage

This image was taken by Mehmet Goral.

San Francisco’s Painted Ladies

San Francisco’s ‘Painted Ladies’ are homes built during the Victorian era – the period spanning the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1876) and the Edwardian era – and the period spanning the reign of her successor King Edward VII (1901–1910).

Painted Ladies are known for their vibrant colors and intricate architectural detailing. They are also recognized for the distinctive lacey appearance of the woodwork on their porches, shutters, moldings and around windows and eaves. Classic Painted Ladies are painted in three or more contrasting colors, which are in balance and harmony with the architecture. The colors are used to bring out the decorative embellishment of the houses – sometimes, up to 11 different colors are used to create the desired effect.